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Published: 17th July 2009
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In 1957, two brothers, both botanists created Yonka products. Yon-ka is a symbol of natural and constant regeneration. In most of their Skin Care products, plant extracts and essential oils are used which helps in nourishing the tissues. This combination is used in most of the Yonka skin care products, such as Yonka face, body and sun beauty products. This skin care company is located in France.

Five essential oils used in Yonka products are

• Lavender and cypress comes from the Provence region (France)

• Geranium comes from Egypt

• Thyme and rosemary arrives from Morocco.

These raw materials are tested in laboratory before being used, to ensure optimal quality and stability. Yon-Ka product, are preferred in salons and spas all over the world, as it is recognized to be seriously therapeutic: its "pure emulsion," the bottom product of its line, is used in burn centers.

Special Beauty Products of Yonka


Yonka's Acne - prone products

• Creme 15 Acne

• Emulsion Pure Acne

• Juvenile Acne Fluid

Benefits of Using Acne - Prone Products Includes

• Serums for treating breakouts

• Moisturizers the allergic skin that is suffering from breakouts

• Penetrating emulsions to avoid future breakouts

Anti-Aging products

Anti - aging products are essential for all skin types after a particular age. Yonka's anti aging skin care products can be used as per the requirement. It has been fashioned for the day, night and generally.


1. Alpha Complex Anti-aging

2. Fruitelia PG Normal/Oily

3. Fruitelia PS Dry

4. Le Baume - Anti-Age FACE

For the Day

1. Sun protection creams are used to protect the skin from UV rays and reduce age spots.

2. Alpha-hydroxyl fluids are available for renewal of cells.

For Night

1. Surgical treatment serums

2. Skin's glow can be restored by using lightweight creams.

Yonka Products Are Offered As


• Yonka's Milk cleanser is ideal for dry skin.

• Yonka cleansers remove dirt and oil from the skin.

• Gel can be used for oily skin.


• It provides cooling and refreshing effect to the skin.

• Ideal for sensitive and oily skins.

• Being packed in unique perfume bottles.


• Facial masks leave the skin glowing.

• These masks include plant and clay extracts.


• Yonka scrubs have carob extracts.

• Scrubs exfoliate the skin.

• Scrubs are essential for revitalizing the skin.

• Yonka recommends applying the scrub on the face and leaving it for 5 minutes

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